Crown me Queen Package

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The art of surround yourself with beauty can become an intentional way of life. That can start with taking the time to treat your skin right. This package is not just an amazing gift item, it's a great way to really take your skincare to the next level. With as many choices as this spa box offers, you will always have something beautiful to envelope your skin in. For your daily care, use the facial cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, soap, lip balm and deodorant. When it's been a rough day with the children or long day at work, run the hot water and get out your bath bomb, salts and essential oils. You will feel and smell like the Queen you are. The Crown me Queen Spa Box includes Bath Bomb, Cracks-B-Gone, Facial Oil Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer, Lip Balm, Lotion, Massage Oil, Mud Mouth, Pit Stop Deodorant, Salt Scrub, Soap and Whipped Body Butter.