Large Crime Stoppers Spa in a Box

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We've pledged 75% of the profit of each box to Crime Stoppers Michiana and we are truly delighted to support this amazing organization. The Spa in a Box is a special selection just for this fundraiser.

Your Large Spa in a Box comes with the following high quality skincare and spa products at over a 30% discount.

Choose from 2 different scent themes: Lavender or Peppermint ** The toothpaste only comes in Peppermint and the Bath Salts only come in Lavender**

Cracks-B-Gone Lotion - 4 oz
Lip Balm
Salt Scrub - 6 oz
Soap - 3.8 oz
Massage Oil - 1 oz
Essential Oil - 10 ml
Body Butter - Unscented only 3 oz
Bath Salts - 7 oz Lavender only
Mud Mouth Toothpaste - 5 oz
Facial Moisturizer - 1 oz
Facial Oil Cleanser - 2 oz