Mud Mouth Toothpaste

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Peppermint Ingredients:
Water, Bentonite Clay Xylitol, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree, Real Salt, Menthol
Cinnamon Ingredients:
Water, Bentonite Clay Xylitol, Cinnamon Oil, Tea Tree, Real Salt, Menthol

Honey rolls over in bed and armageddon of the mouth explodes. You don’t know if you should put a sock in his mouth or fall out of bed….Or maybe that’s how your spouse responds when you roll over in the morning. Either way, morning breathe is a beast. Our Mud Mouth works to make your breath not just fresh and clean after brushing but bearable and, some would say pleasant, in the morning. Bentonite clay works to detox the mouth and binds to bacteria to take it away, far far away from your mouth. Peppermint leaves it refreshed or Cinnamon leaves it a little fiery and spicy. Tea Tree works to clear the mouth of harmful bacteria and is a great preservative to protect your toothpaste from mold and bacteria. Real Salt cleanses and helps purify the mouth and adds a natural preservative benefit to the toothpaste. Xyltiol adds a sweethness without the tooth rotting affects.

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    Mud Mouth

    Posted by Brooke on Jan 31st 2018

    Love the cinnamon! My mouth didn't taste/smell bad in the morning! It was a nice change, haha. Definitely worth the try!

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    Leaves a slick clean feeling all day until the bed time brushing

    Posted by Chasity on Oct 30th 2017

    I have been using the cinnamon toothpaste since the Fall of 2014. After brushing, I feel like my teeth are fresh from the feel that lasts until my next brushing. The look of the paste is not appealing. It took me about a week to get use to it. I WILL NEVER go back to dangerous floride toothpaste again. Research it, you'll be shocked!

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    Mud Mouth

    Posted by Jill Richey on Oct 25th 2017

    I love Mud Mouth. I've used it for months & went for my 6 month dental check-up. The cleaning was the easiest & quickest I've ever had. Mud Mouth works--my teeth feel so clean after brushing. It's natural, tastes good & I wouldn't be without it!

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    Quality and Effectiveness

    Posted by Sherry Kalk on Oct 7th 2017

    After getting use to the fact that this toothpaste doesn't foam when you brush I have had nothing but positive results. My teeth feel smooth and my breath fresh. I have not had my dentist say he has noticed any difference in my tooth condition so I am more than confident in the quality of the product.