Our Story

 Did you know....

the average adult uses more than 8 personal care items a day, that exposes them to over 86 chemicals in just one day.


at least 86 Chemicals Per Day....

We at Eve of Eden Skin Care believe whatever you put on your skin should be just as safe as if you were to eat it.  After all, your skin is your largest organ.  That’s why we’ve decided to offer such high quality skin care products, so we can bring your skin back to the way it should be….

Many creations from Eve of Eden Skincare were born in 2005. They came out of a search for skin relieving options that were not chemical based and full of toxic fragrances. It wasn’t until 2010 that Kelly Jones started sharing her creations (After being the guinea pig all those years) ;)

From the time she could remember, her hands had always suffered cracking and annoying dryness and all with no resolution. When she took the ownership of caring for her skin and her own hands, she found natural ingredients that, when combined, would nourish her skin to good health. It all snow balled from there and she has never had cracked hands since. The cracks-b-gone lotion is only the beginning. Eve of Eden Skincare believes in educating others on how to make the most of personal care items and how to take care of your body to help keep it safe from toxins and over exposure to environmental contaminants. 

Kelly is dedicated to helping you find the best personal care items for your body that not only nourish your skin but bring joy to your senses. 

Kelly was a master fitness instructor for over 13 years. Working with clients on the connection between the body, mind and spirit to bring a life of vibrancy and wholeness. She educated on personal care products being an addition to your whole foods lifestyle and teaches about the wellness role skin care can play.

Now her focus has turned to concentrating and building products that meet the needs of clients coming out of a lifestyle of chemical exposure or conventional lifestyle methods. Kelly is constantly researching, utilizing webinars and learning from mentors on how to make the products work as intended and work well for you.

She never tests product on animals and all ingredients are sourced with sustainability in mind. She is dedicated to the ethics behind great products, not just a great product!