• Bath Salts

    Run the warm bath water, put on your favorite music, light the candle and pour in your salts. It’s time to pamper your skin with a lovely lavender scented bath salts. The combimation of Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt soothe your...

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  • Cracks-B-Gone

    Cracked skin needs intense moisturizer and ingredients that provide healing to the skin. Everything in this skincare line started with the Cracks-B-Gone. Now it's such a pleasure to share it with so many others who suffer from cracked and unpleasant skin...

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  • Crown me Queen Package

    The art of surround yourself with beauty can become an intentional way of life. That can start with taking the time to treat your skin right. This package is not just an amazing gift item, it's a great way to really take your skincare to the next level...

    MSRP: $157.00
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  • Essential Oils

    From fresh to musky, find some of the most popular essential oils to use in your own home. We work with companies that harvest the highest of quality in their essential oils.

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  • Facial Moisturizer Normal

    This moisturizer is light and is formulated for your face. The pump provided is for easy dispensing and the amount used can be easily controlled. The moisturizer does not leave a greasy film and is not drying to the face. Makeup can be applied once the...

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  • Facial Oil Cleanser

    Most of us were raised to break out the classic bar of soap or facial cleanser to clean our faces. Have you ever wondered if there is a better way? There is, it's very simple. Oil Cleansers are attracted to the oils on your face, the same oils that are...

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  • Lip balm

    Pucker, open cap, apply, repeat…. What? Repeat, come on now. Is it really doing it's job? If you already know this pattern, it's time to make a switch. Even in the harshest of weather, for the most addicted lip licker or the dehydrated lips will...

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  • Lotion

    Itch, scratch, ashy and reapply. All unnecessary skin dilemmas. Let's stop already. Aren't you tired of it cuz I know I am? You know when you wash your hands and apply your lotion, 5 minutes later you feel like you need to reapply it? Ever wondered why...

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  • luxury, massage oil, spa massage oil

    Massage Oil

    Our massage oil uses only high quality oils to soothe tired muscles and nurture your skin. With premium massage oil comes premium results. Massage therapists will love the smooth glide this provides enhancing their clients relaxing experience...

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  • Mud Mouth Toothpaste

    Honey rolls over in bed and armageddon of the mouth explodes. You don’t know if you should put a sock in his mouth or fall out of bed….Or maybe that’s how your spouse responds when you roll over in the morning. Either way, morning...

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    My Daily Routine Spa Box

    This box is designed to include everything you need to get started on an all natural and organic skincare regimen. The box includes your scent selection of the following: Facial Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer, Soap, Pit Stop Deodorant, Mud Mouth...

    MSRP: $84.00
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  • Pit Stop Deodorant

    Natural deodorant in a chemical world is not always an easy find. Breast cancer has been on a rise but has anyone told you that your deodorant might put you at risk of it? Your arm pit is the closest sweat gland to your breasts and the largest on your...

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  • Salt Scrub

    Polish the skin and carry away the dead cells with this combo or exfoliating salt scrubbing action and himalaya salt. Oils that moisturize and replenish the skin are Shea Butter, Macadamia nut oil, Almond oil and Argan oil. Don’t forget about the...

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  • Soap

    Soap has been made and used for years. Some are drying, some are moisturizing and some are jusssssst right. What’s the one you are needing? Our soaps are enjoyed by those who suffer from dermatitis, ezcema and rosacea yet provide normal skin types...

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  • Spa Box, Christmas Gifts, Luxury Spa Experience, organic skincare, natural skincare

    Spa Box

    Add this beautiful hand made sturdy box to your order and your items will be shipped in this box. You can use the comment section of your order to give specific instructions. This box is meant to last so well after the products are used, you can use it...

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  • spa in a box, daily spa, daily skincare, spa, relax

    The Esther Spa Box

    In ancient days, oils were used for fragrance and as a purification process. History explains that Queen Esther went through a year of purification using fragrant oils. I can only imagine the beautiful aroma as she passed by. This package is designed to...

    MSRP: $80.00
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  • Whipped Body Butter

    Rich butters heal and protect your skin from harsh elements, drying weather conditions and sun damage but keeping your skin moisturized. Great for those who have skin that's hard to keep soft or just because you like the silky feel.

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  • Winter Protection

    Your skin can take a beating. Winter only adds to the drama of uncomfortable skin. Get a head start by enriching your skin with nutrient rich and healthy oils. This package includes all you need to keep your skin protected and comfortable through those...

    MSRP: $92.00
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