• Essential Oils

    From fresh to musky, find some of the most popular essential oils to use in your own home. We work with companies that harvest the highest of quality in their essential oils.

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  • Lip balm

    Pucker, open cap, apply, repeat…. What? Repeat, come on now. Is it really doing it's job? If you already know this pattern, it's time to make a switch. Even in the harshest of weather, for the most addicted lip licker or the dehydrated lips will...

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  • Pit Stop Deodorant

    Natural deodorant in a chemical world is not always an easy find. Breast cancer has been on a rise but has anyone told you that your deodorant might put you at risk of it? Your arm pit is the closest sweat gland to your breasts and the largest on your...

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  • Soap

    Soap has been made and used for years. Some are drying, some are moisturizing and some are jusssssst right. What’s the one you are needing? Our soaps are enjoyed by those who suffer from dermatitis, ezcema and rosacea yet provide normal skin types...

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