Spa Boxes

  • Crown me Queen Package

    The art of surround yourself with beauty can become an intentional way of life. That can start with taking the time to treat your skin right. This package is not just an amazing gift item, it's a great way to really take your skincare to the next level...

    MSRP: $157.00
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    My Daily Routine Spa Box

    This box is designed to include everything you need to get started on an all natural and organic skincare regimen. The box includes your scent selection of the following: Facial Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer, Soap, Pit Stop Deodorant, Mud Mouth...

    MSRP: $84.00
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  • Spa Box, Christmas Gifts, Luxury Spa Experience, organic skincare, natural skincare

    Spa Box

    Add this beautiful hand made sturdy box to your order and your items will be shipped in this box. You can use the comment section of your order to give specific instructions. This box is meant to last so well after the products are used, you can use it...

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  • spa in a box, daily spa, daily skincare, spa, relax

    The Esther Spa Box

    In ancient days, oils were used for fragrance and as a purification process. History explains that Queen Esther went through a year of purification using fragrant oils. I can only imagine the beautiful aroma as she passed by. This package is designed to...

    MSRP: $80.00
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  • Winter Protection

    Your skin can take a beating. Winter only adds to the drama of uncomfortable skin. Get a head start by enriching your skin with nutrient rich and healthy oils. This package includes all you need to keep your skin protected and comfortable through those...

    MSRP: $92.00
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