How it all began

The Beginning


Ever since I was little I can remember having problems with dry hands. I was a habitual nail biter so it only exacerbated the dry fingers and hands. I would keep my hands clenched in a fist just because it was the only way to keep it from feeling too dry.




When swim season came coupled with winter time, the nail beds would actually fall off of my fingers at the cuticle and my knuckles would crack open causing pain and burning. It always bothered me that nothing seemed to provide relief and it was socially awkward having split open hands and nails.


I wasn’t introduced to organic options for body care until 2005. Prior to that I was using things that had mineral oil, dimethicone, triclosan, detergent and several other harmful chemicals that I never knew were eating away at my skin and drying me out. As I think back on those times, I can remember just having a constant underlying dread my hands are always going to feel dry and harsh. I know you know the feeling I’m talking about, the one where nothing seems to change so you just kind of settle into “this is the best that it’s going to be” attitude.


Enter organic coconut oil. I could shower and moisturize my body after without a rash or itchy skin. At first, I couldn’t figure out the right amount to use, I would either have to much and look shiny like Moses just returning from the Mountain top or I would have to reapply as I didn’t use enough to truly moisturize well.


I think back also on how the very things that I was using that we’re supposed to help my skin me were actually making everything worse. I’d try one product after another thinking maybe this one is going to work. I know other people have experienced this too because I hear it almost every single Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.


In the last 11 years, I have spent this time experimenting and validating organic combinations that really nourish my skin. Adjusting the levels of certain butters and oils to find just the right mix. Learning how much to apply to get the intended results and countless hours of research that was not just scientific but backed by testimonies as well.


Every one has different skin, they have different lifestyles that affect their skin. They eat different and are exposed to countless variables of elements. We believe through education that you can get the most benefits from skin care products. It’s not just drinking a lot of water that keeps your skin healthy, it’s combining that with whole foods, good sleep, protection from harsh elements and reducing stress. We want you to have more than just a product on a shelf, we want you to get results you have searched for.